Cliff Baker  Founder and CEO

Since 1968 Cliff has boldly promised and guaranteed in writing that his company’s clients will always receive the highest quality products and services available.

Cliff acquired his dedication to being of service and his code of ethics while growing up in the ranch country of western Nebraska.  His business acumen and leadership skills were developed through his formal education in Nebraska, Military Leadership Academies and as a business owner and principal of a North American fence manufacturing and distribution corporation. 

Melinda Cavanah  Corporate Services Manager 

One of those rare Colorado natives, Melinda comes from Jefferson County with an educational background in Business Management and Accounting. Joining us in 2006, she brings 35 years of experience in business administration and customer service to her role as Manager of all office and business operations.

Jerry Bishop  Professional Consumer Consultant 

Our only upstate New Yorker, Jerry has called Colorado home since 1997.   He has spent his professional career in the service industry, consulting and managing for organizations such as Coors Distributing Company and other big box retailers. Client relationships, commitment to excellence and delivery of a positive experience are always his priorities. Jerry joined our team in 2008.

Tommy Street  Professional Consumer Consultant

Tommy always finds great solutions for his client’s needs. Originally from Casper, WY, Tommy has lived in Colorado since childhood. Prior to joining the FCS team in 2011, Tommy spent nine years in the lumber re-manufacturing and wholesale industry, developing an expertise in fencing products and materials. Tommy also has experience working as a volunteer firefighter in a small Northern Colorado community.

Nolan Baker Professsional Consumer Consultant

Another rare Colorado Native, Nolan Baker comes from a farming background in the San Luis Valley, where hard work and dedication were engrained at a young age. Most recent a college graduate, Nolan received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, while also being a member of the Men’s Basketball team. With several years of property management related business experience, Nolan is eager to apply those skills to the fence industry.  Above all, he will continue his business approach with a team-oriented mind set while also providing superior service that FCS customers have come to expect.